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                                          Special Issue of
                    Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies

           -Entrepreneurial Finance and Technological Innovation-


            "Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies(AJFS 2018 April Issue)"



        - Does Managerial Ability Matter in Private Firms?  Evidence from Korea 


             -  Customer-based Concentration and Firm Innovation


             - Patent As Quality Signal in Entrepreneurial Finance : A Look Beneath the Surface


             -  Ethnic ties in the U.S. venture capital stage financing


            -  Firms Technology Innovation Activity : Does financial structure matter?


            -  Does Risk Taking Promote New Product Development Performance From The Perspective of 

               Environmental Dynamism


            -  Non-controlling large shareholders and firm performance in China


            -  Are Founder CEOs Effective Innovators?



           2018.. 1. 3 

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